Rooted in Faith


In 1948, the Sisters of the Holy Union of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary helped to establish a Kindergarten affiliated with Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish in Lewistown. Classes were held in the basement of the church, and a station wagon transported children to and from school.

Within five years, Grades 1 through 5 were added and a bus was purchased to transport students. As the Baby Boomer generation continued to push enrollments well into the1960s, three more grades were added and the Parish built and dedicated a new school building.

Today, Sacred Heart School accommodates Grades K through 5 and welcomes children of all faiths. Religious education is integrated throughout the curriculum and meets Diocese of Harrisburg certification requirements. Students become familiar with the Scriptures and learn the essential doctrines and principles of Christianity, as well as the truths that illuminate our understanding of the life of Jesus Christ. SHS prepares students to live these truths in missions and service.


Children in all grades participate in every aspect of the school’s religious educational program (with the exception of preparation for the Catholic sacraments of Reconciliation and Eucharist).


The SHS Curriculum


Sacred Heart School’s academic curriculum meets PA Department of Education certification requirements for language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies. All of our teachers have baccalaureate degrees in Education and teacher certification from the PA Department of Education. We have a favorable teacher-to-student ratio, with class sizes of fewer than 20 students in all grades.


Sacred Heart’s academic curriculum incorporates the following courses:


Integrated Language Arts

Reading, writing, thinking, listening, and speaking are integrated in this course. An integrated classroom creates excitement about learning and celebrates literacy. To complete activities, the students work with the teacher as a group, with a partner, or individually.


This course develops mathematical and application skills and encourages sound reasoning. It is designed to help students learn concepts according to standards promoted by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

Social Studies

Incorporating geography, history, and current events, this course prepares students to identify, understand, and solve the problems facing our diverse nation. Students learn to apply their acquired knowledge and to appreciate the people, cultures, and influences that have molded our country and other countries.


In this course students use different skills and equipment to solve problems. They learn to understand and interpret their environment and to think critically and creatively.


Students express their feelings and ideas about the world they live in and their world of imagination through crayon, brush, string, wire, and other materials. As they do so, they also learn to appreciate ways in which others express themselves.


Students develop music appreciation through theory and singing. Music offers cultural and social advantages to young children. Emphasis is placed on the arts and music as an important part of everyday life.

Physical Education

This course promotes strength, health, and discipline in students through physical activities that develop physical and mental coordination.




Students learn about information technology including computers, SMART boards, iPads, and video. They investigate and execute strategies for the applied use of computer, multimedia, and related information technologies.