Middle States Accreditation

In 2007 Sacred Heart School set out to achieve accreditation by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools. Two years later Middle States granted its seven-year accreditation to SHS, approving our plan for continuous growth and improvement.


In determining whether to grant accreditation, the Middle States Association (MSA) uses 12 standards of quality that are widely accepted by educators as descriptors of a quality school.

  • Assessment and Evidence of Student Learning
  • Educational Program
  • Facilities
  • Finances
  • Governance and Leadership
  • Health and Safety
  • Information Resources and Technology
  • Philosophy/Mission
  • School Climate and Organization
  • School Improvement Planning
  • Student Life and Student Activities
  • Student Services

In March 2013, Sacred Heart received a positive midcycle review from MSA following an on-site visit that included a tour of the school and meetings with the principal, School Board president, Development Director, and representatives of Sacred Heart’s faculty and Home and School Association.


In addition to upholding these standards, a school must have three to five objectives for institutional improvement and implement a plan to accomplish these.  Sacred Heart’s stated objectives are to reduce the parish subsidy, coordinate and update the curriculum through curriculum mapping, and establish a system for assessing the fulfillment of our mission statement.


To date, SHS administrators, faculty, and staff, together with dedicated parish and school volunteers, have made progress toward accomplishing two of our three objectives:  coordinated and updated all major curricula through curriculum mapping, and established a means of assessing the fulfillment of our mission statement.  We continue to work hard to reduce the parish subsidy through increased enrollments, fundraising events, and giving.


We are grateful to all who have helped us to achieve accreditation.  Special thanks go to past and present members of Sacred Heart’s Middle States Accreditation Committee, and to the Middle States Association for guiding us in our ongoing commitment to excellence in curriculum, instructional practices, and assessment strategies.