Family Commitment Plan

There is a powerful link between home and school. One can build up - or tear down - the other. Our parents have been very supportive, kind, generous and helpful. You have helped to build up our school community’s spirit. Everything that they have done for our school has a great impact on the student more than they can imagine! By working together for the children, we give them a sense of importance and self-worth as they strive to grow up in such a broken world!
Knowing how important it is to maintain this powerful link, the School Administration, in consultation with the School Board of Education of Sacred Heart of Jesus School, has decided to have a yearly Family Commitment Plan for each family beginning next academic year, 2008-2009. This plan is meant to let parents know what the school must financially plan for each child, and what each family can do to help the school meet the students’ needs. For those who have been with Sacred Heart, there is nothing new in this commitment plan except the cost to educate each child:    Total School Expense for 2008-2009: $465,583
Total possible number of students: 70 students
Total cost for each child: $465,583 ÷ 70 = $6,651

Our school is a private institution, and thus, relies heavily on tuition and other fundraisers. During the course of the year, however, we ask that parents make a commitment to help the school with only two types of fundraisers: the Auction and the Walk-A-Thon. All other fundraisers are strongly encouraged.

As Catholics, we try to teach our students how important it is to share, give and reach out to those in need. Activities such as Jump for Heart, Mission Awareness, etc… are meant to support other organizations, the sick, the needy. Financially, we don’t gain anything for ourselves! Fundraisers such as Magazine Sales, Annual Fund, H.S.A fundraisers do help support our school in many ways such as different educational programs for students (Science on Wheels, Catholic Schools Week’s activities, 5th grade graduation, World Book on line, computer software, etc.) maintenance, professional development for teachers, reimbursement for teachers’ courses, induction program for teachers, tuition assistance, cartridges, ink, technology updates,  etc. Whatever you can contribute, no matter how small will be greatly appreciated. Remember, “We cannot do great things, only small things with great love.” (Mother Teresa)
Thank you for working with us to ensure a safe, loving, and well equipped environment for our students. We count on your love and support as we continue to nurture the children whom God has entrusted to us.