About Us

Our Mission and Beliefs


Sacred Heart of Jesus partners with families of diverse cultures and faiths to provide a Christ-centered, affordable, quality education for their children in a safe, nurturing environment. We teach the love of God as revealed in the Catholic faith, promote the highest academic standards, respect individual learning abilities, and prepare students to become loving, active members of their families and faith communities.


We believe that:

•    Every person is a child of God and worthy of love, respect and dignity.
•    Sacred Heart of Jesus School is a ministry of our Parish.
•    Catholic education is the shared responsibility of the school and parish, student and family.                    
•    Effective Catholic education develops the whole person – spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, socially and physically.
•    A safe, nurturing, disciplined environment allows students to reach their full potential.
•     Catholic faith and values are modeled through moral choices, actions and service to others.
•    All instruction integrates Catholic values and is responsive to individual needs.
•    Continual evaluation and improvement of the curriculum are essential to academic excellence.
•    Children must be taught self-discipline and respect for others.
•    Development of the whole child includes exposure to the arts, and instruction in physical and personal health.

Our History

The following events were taken from Parish Announcements, notes, notebooks, newspapers, and the memory of those lived in the area at the time. Through these and other sources we have come to understand our local history.

September, 1947: the Reverend Owen F. Reily, Pastor of Sacred Heart Parish since 1939 writes,” The place of fight world confusion is in the home and the school. We need a parochial school in Sacred Heart Parish. Please give a little of your time to fight. Successful bazaars and other parish activities will hasten the day when the school in Lewistown will be a reality.”
June 13, 1948: the Sisters of the Holy Union of the Sacred Heart have a request to open a Kindergarten for all children of preschool age. September 7, 1948: Kindergarten opens and Sacred Heart School begins. We are unable to afford transportation. We cannot accommodate 18 children in the parish basement. Tuition per child is $2.00/ month for parishioners, $6.00/month for non-parishioners. May 8, 1949: Plans to open a first grade in September. A temporary classroom will be set up in the church hall. August 21, 1949: A station wagon is purchased to transport children to and from school at a cost of $1,754.85. A partition in the hall and furnishing for the first grade room ran over $1,200. September 4, 1949: School opens with 26 children in the first grade and 28 in Kindergarten. September 1950: Second grade is added. September 1951: K- 3rd grade includes 115 children. September 1952: Fourth grade is added. The church basement is very crowded. February 1953: Bishop Leech gives permission to award contracts for the building of the new school (total cost is $310,000 which includes the architect’s fees, landscaping, razing of the convent, equipping of three classrooms and some other expenses.) September 6, 1953About 54 children enter the first grade. Enrollment is between 169 and 175 in grades K-5. Kindergarten is moved to Burnham Chapel to relieve congestion in the church basement. September 27, 1953: Each pupil at Sacred Heart School is required to pay $3.50/ year, which covers the cost of the “Catholic Messenger”, a speller, a catechism, and workbooks. The parish owns a 48 passenger bus to transport children to and from school. September 7, 1954: Sacred Heart Parish holds a Solemn Blessing and Dedication Ceremony. The Most Rev. George L. Leech presides at the ceremony. September, 1955: 7th grade is added. September 1956: 8th grade is added with the enrollment close to 300 students. Mid-1960’s Lay teachers begin being hired in place of Sisters. 1980’s: Middle School eliminated. 1981: Change in religious order of nuns. The Sisters of the Adorers of the Blood of Christ come to live at Sacred Heart School. 1994: First lay principal hired. Mid-1990’s: Middle school again is added (6, 7, 8 grades). 2002: Middle School eliminated due to expenses and low enrollment. 2006: Two Sisters of Christian Charity come to live at Sacred Heart School. 



Art is taught in grades K through Five and is correlated with various other subjects.

Intergrated Language Arts

Integrated Language Arts is defined as the integration of reading, writing, thinking, listening and speaking.  It is an instructional philosophy that involves the use of a literary work as the source for integrating the instruction.  The students and teacher are partners in learning.  To complete activities, the students work with the teacher as a group, with a partner cooperatively or individually.  An integrated language arts classroom reveals students excited about learning and celebrating literacy.


The mathematics curriculum is developed for each child to learn and grasp concepts as promoted by the NCTM Standards of Mathematics.


Our Music Program helps students to identify himself/herself with people, places and characters. We help children to appreciate music through theory and singing.

Physical Education

Our physical education program helps students to be successful in achieving the objectives of our school's curriculum.


All students enrolled in Sacred Heart School must participate in every aspect of the school's religious educational program with the exception of some phases of sacramental preparation. These requirements include attendance at the regularly scheduled classes in religion, fulfillment of course requirements, and attendance at religious functions that are part of the school program.


Science is a field of study that is constantly changing.  Therefore, science education involves a process, as well as, content.  The content learned helps the children to understand and interpret their environment.  The process involves the method of using different skills and equipment to solve problems.  This leads to effective ways of working and providing experiences in thinking critically and creatively.  As a result, our students will be able to move with the scientific world of the third millennium.

Social Studies

The Social Studies program, including geography, history and current events, seeks to prepare the young person to identify, understand and work to solve the problems that face our increasingly diverse American nation and independent world within the framework of Catholic values.

Special Programs and Services

Tuscarora Intermediate Unit 11 and Title I provide:

•    Instructional support for reading, math and content area study      

•    Enrichment Instruction
•    Speech and Language
•    Psychological testing and consultative service
•    Standardized achievement testing and scoring.


We acquaint students with technology including computers, SMART boards, iPads, video, computer terminology, and future innovations. Students will become skilled in using technology to collect, graph, and analyze data.