HSA will give a Tuition Dollar's credit of 1% of total sales for the cheesecake sale to families and $.50 per item sold during a Marianna's sale.  This credit can be used toward your child's tuition!

T-Shirt Spirit Sale

Spirit Wear Design is on file at Yoder's Tees & More in Belleville where you can stop in and order any time.

Cheesecake Sale

Oct. 15 - Oct. 30: Delivery on Nov. 20

SCRIP Orders

Aug. 23 - Sep. 19

Oct. 23 - Nov. 7

Nov. 20 - Dec. 5

Marianna's Hoagie Sales

Aug. 21 - Sep. 4: Delivery Sep. 12th

the other two Hoagie sales will depend on the success of the first one and whether or not Marianna's can deliver at the time we need as they have changed their delivery policies.