Complete Education

Sacred Heart School offers a complete educational program for children from K through 5 and accepts children regardless of faith.

We offer comprehensive programs in Religion, Mathematics, Social Studies, Library, Music, Enrichment Program, Remedial Reading, Language Arts, Science, Computer, Art, Physical Education, Remedial Math, and Spanish.

School Office: 717-248-5351    Fax: 717-248-1516


To help parents who may need assistance, there are four different sources of financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants for Kindergarten through Grade 5 students:

The Neumann Scholarship

The Neumann Scholarship Foundation, established and administered by the
Diocese of Harrisburg, is funded by corporate contributions under the
Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. The Diocese uses the
Private School Aid Service (PSAS) to administer the application process
and PSAS recommends who should receive grants based on the total
financial need of the applicants. All eligible students will receive a
scholarship award.


Tuition Dollars Program

In addition, tuition assistance is available year-round through the Tuition Dollars Program in the form of rebates to the Home School Association from the sale of grocery, restaurant and other certificates. These rebates can be specifically directed to the benefit of individual families or students for tuition assistance or to the Angel Fund.

There may be additional foundation applications available which are also funded by corporate contributions under the EITC program.

The Angel Fund

The Angel Fund is a fund of Sacred Heart parish, created and funded by the Home School Association through the Tuition Dollars program.


The FOCUS Foundation

The FOCUS Foundation of the Diocese of Harrisburg provides an annual grant to each school in the diocese for tuition assistance based on the economic profiles of each parish school.



Mifflin and Juniata County School Districts provide transportation to Sacred Heart School at no cost.


Students in grades Kindergarten through Fifth Grade wear uniforms.

All uniforms with Sacred Heart School logo must be purchased from Flynn and O’Hara Uniform Co. 


•    Daily Uniform:    (Non Mass Days) Navy slacks with Lt. blue polo shirt, tucked in; Dark shoes and a belt. (Mass Days) White oxford shirt with red tie, navy slacks, dark shoes and a belt.

•    Gym Uniform:    Navy Blue T-Shirt or sweat shirt w/ school logo and navy shorts or          navy sweat pants.

•    Lightweight Uniform or “Hot weather Uniform”( may be worn from the beginning of          
school until Oct.15th and April 15th until the end of the school year) : Navy walking          shorts-pleated without cuffs and Lt. blue polo shirt.

•    Socks:    White or navy socks


•    Daily Uniform:    Plaid or Navy drop waist jumper with white short or long sleeve              
peter pan collar blouse or white polo shirt. Option: Navy slacks w/ white polo                    shirt containing school logo. A red criss-cross tie is required on Mass days.

•    Gym Uniform:   Navy blue t-shirt or sweat shirt w/ school logo and navy shorts or            navy sweat pants.

•    Lightweight Uniform or “Hot weather Uniform” (may be worn from the beginning of          school until Oct.15th and April 15th until the end of the school year): Navy pleated            walking shorts and white polo shirt w/ school logo.

•    Shoes: Dark shoes are to be worn with daily uniform. Sneakers are permitted with            gym uniforms only.  For safety purposes, no shoes with heels over one inch high.

•    Socks: Navy or white knee socks or tights are to be worn with the jumper. White or          
navy ankle socks are permitted with the daily and gym uniform.

•    Shorts must reach top of knee.

Special Programs and Services

    We have:
    * Educational Field Trips
    * Free/reduced breakfast and lunch Program
    * After School Extended Care Program
    * Speech therapy
    * Remedial reading
    * A gifted/enrichment program
    * Psychological testing                                                                                       * 
    Title I services, which provide extra help in Mathematics                               * Daily Health services
School Office: 717-248-5351     Fax: 717-248-1516

Tuition Plans

Please contact the school for tuition rates. 

Registration Fees:  New Students: $50* per family;
Re-registration Fees: $25* per family

*Registration fees are non-refundable, but are applied to tuition costs

Breakfast/Lunch Fees: (other than free and reduced)
Breakfast:  $1.40 per day
Hot Lunch: $2.50 per day (includes milk)*
Milk/Juice: $  .35 per day (packers or extra)

*SHS participates in the National School Lunch program, which provides free and reduced lunches to eligible families. Reduced price breakfast is $.30 and lunch $.40 per day.      

School Supplies:

Students receive some supplies in school on the first day. Parents are asked to pay for these supplies by the end of the second week of school. Other supplies may be purchased anywhere and a list is sent home to families over the summer with needed items.   

Fund-Raising Costs:  More Than An Auction

Sell or buy raffle ticket                     $35.00
Provide item for class gift basket      $5.00 minimum
Provide 3 hours of service                 Free/Buyout: $150.00

School Service Hours

Each family is asked to have at least 28 service hours each year (25 hours related to school activities and 3 hours related to our annual auction).  This provides many opportunities for parents to be involved in every aspect of their child’s education.  They can help serve lunch, help in the library, serve on committees, help with classroom activities, and so on.  This program allows us to keep service-related costs down while allowing parents to interact with their child, their child’s friends and other parents, building the kind of family atmosphere that has become a trademark of Sacred Heart.

Policies & Handbook

This book has been designed to acquaint you with the philosophy, curriculum, and procedures of Sacred Heart School. We believe that you can contribute much to the success of the school’s program if you understand what the school is trying to do for your children. The education of our children must remain the joint responsibility and cooperative program of the home and school. We hope that you will read the entire handbook, acquaint yourself thoroughly with its contents, keep it in a safe place, and consult it for the assistance it is designed to give.

We ask that you keep this handbook as long as your child still attends Sacred Heart School. Parents and students will be notified of any necessary changes.

Parent Handbook revised 2008.pdf683.41 KB

Family Commitment Plan

There is a powerful link between home and school. One can build up - or tear down - the other. Our parents have been very supportive, kind, generous and helpful. You have helped to build up our school community’s spirit. Everything that they have done for our school has a great impact on the student more than they can imagine!

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