To help parents who may need assistance, there are four different sources of financial aid in the form of scholarships and grants for Kindergarten through Grade 5 students:

The Neumann Scholarship

The Neumann Scholarship Foundation, established and administered by the
Diocese of Harrisburg, is funded by corporate contributions under the
Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program. The Diocese uses the
Private School Aid Service (PSAS) to administer the application process
and PSAS recommends who should receive grants based on the total
financial need of the applicants. All eligible students will receive a
scholarship award.


Tuition Dollars Program

In addition, tuition assistance is available year-round through the Tuition Dollars Program in the form of rebates to the Home School Association from the sale of grocery, restaurant and other certificates. These rebates can be specifically directed to the benefit of individual families or students for tuition assistance or to the Angel Fund.

There may be additional foundation applications available which are also funded by corporate contributions under the EITC program.

The Angel Fund

The Angel Fund is a fund of Sacred Heart parish, created and funded by the Home School Association through the Tuition Dollars program.


The FOCUS Foundation

The FOCUS Foundation of the Diocese of Harrisburg provides an annual grant to each school in the diocese for tuition assistance based on the economic profiles of each parish school.